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Sade biography

Helen Folasade Adu was born in Nigeria on january 16, 1959. Her parents are Bisi Adu and Anne Hayes. Sade moved to England with her mother and her older brother Banji at the age of 4.

When she was young she enjoyed riding horses but that was not the only thing Sade was interested in. Fashion was her love as well as it was soul music. In 1977 she studied fashion design at St. Martin's school of art for a three years. After finishing the school Sade opened a small fashion company were she designed men's clothes.

You would imagine that such a great singer would start singing at the very early age but Sade started singing when her (future) manager Lee Barrett asked her if she could sing. At that time Sade loved much more to write songs that sing them.

After that she had to develop her songwriting and production skills. It took some time to make 'Stronger than pride' where she and her band become one. That was the time to take over the music world.

In early years she was determined to keep her private life in private and because of that British media didn't like her. But there is only one thing in the world that is for sure and that is - if you are a public person there is no way to keep your life a private.

Today Sade lives in London, in a large victorian house. She has a three year old daughter. There is only one thing she would like to change in her life and that is to QUIT SMOKING.

Birth name: Helen Folasade Adu

- Singer, Actress
Date of Birth
- 16 January 1959
Birth Place
Ibadan, Nigeria, Africa

Mailing Address
10 Great Marlborough St.
London W1V 2lP
United Kingdom


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